Alternative Nursing Careers Outside the Hospital

Without a doubt, nursing is one of the most diverse occupations available today. While hospitals remain the largest employers of nurses, there are plenty of other health care facilities in need of nurses. Here are a few alternative nursing careers to consider after graduating from our ABSN program.

Nursing CareerPossible Work Setting(s)
Ambulatory Care Nurse  Community clinics, Patient homes, or Schools  
Case Management Nurse  Hospitals, Private practices, or Rehabilitation clinics  
Correctional Facility NurseJails, Juvenile detention centers, or Prisons
Cruise Ship NurseCruise ships
Flight NurseCivilian or military aircrafts
Forensic NurseEmergency rooms, Laboratories, or
Courts of Law  
Holistic NurseBirthing centers, Hospitals, Patient homes, or Private practices
Hospice NurseHospice care centers, Hospitals, Nursing homes, or Patient homes  
Informatics Nurse  Health care consulting firms, IT companies, Long-term care centers, or Nursing schools Patient homes
Long-term Care NurseAssisted living communities, Nursing homes, or Patient homes
Travel NurseClinics, Hospitals, or Outpatient care centers  

Benefits of a BSN Degree

While you can become a registered nurse with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), it’s usually in your best interest to begin your career with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). After all, a nurse entering the profession with a BSN has better earning power and more career opportunities than one with an ADN.

Also, thanks to a growing body of research, health care facilities now realize that the more BSN-prepared nurses they employ, the better the patient outcomes. As a result, most employers prefer to hire nursing graduates with a BSN degree. Not to mention, many hospitals across the country now require their associate degree nurses to go back to school and earn a BSN within a certain timeframe.

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